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Why You Should Consider A Career In Home Healthcare

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Why do over one million professional caregivers – RNs, LPNs, CNAs or HHAs and others, all choose to work in the home healthcare industry, with more and more joining every year?

The answer is obvious: It is a terrifically rewarding career choice!

We are frequently asked: “I am interested in home healthcare, but I don’t really know if I’m suited for it. How can I find out without quitting my current job?”

There is truly only one answer; “Give it a try and see!”

You can easily call up some home healthcare agencies and see if you qualify for part-time, freelance assignments in your off hours. If you are accepted, you’ll find out very quickly whether you feel suited for the job or not.
Bonus: Love it or hate it, there’s a very good chance you’ll also find out more about yourself than you ever imagined, and self-knowledge plays a big role in creating a happy life!

But there are other ways to test the waters before jumping in head-first.


Next to working the field yourself, perhaps the best source of information are the nurses and aides who are already experienced in the field. It’s a great idea to talk to some of them to gain insight into their professional life. You’ll begin to see that they appreciate the freedom from burdensome institutional schedules and the daily same-old, same-old.

For many, the personal challenges and rewards of home healthcare are exactly what they were looking for in life. Here are a few quotes we found on the popular nursing website allnurses.com:

  • I like my flexibility
    “I have been a nurse for 3 years and have worked in LTC and a med/surg floor in a large hosp. I do like home health much more than those positions. Of course, it has its positives and minuses but all in all I like being a home health nurse. I like my flexibility and my patients.”
  • I accomplish more
    “Simple, I can do more for my one client without anyone breathing down my neck and can see what I have accomplished on a daily basis. I do not have a laundry list of things I did not accomplish by the end of the shift like I did when working with 80 clients in an LTC facility.”
  • I give my best
    “When you have 25+ residents, it’s very hard to give anyone your best, being so busy with a thousand other things…In home health, you have ONE patient and are there just for that person. You can do every last thing that person needs and sleep well knowing you gave your very best. I am always proud of myself when I leave work now.
  • I can focus without interruptions
    “When I was a field nurse, I loved being able to spend time with my patients, truly focus on them and their needs without being interrupted by call lights, telephone calls, doctors, therapists, phlebotomy, etc. I liked the time in the car between patients to eat, decompress, listen to the radio, and be alone. I felt like I had the time to devote to them…rather than throw some pills at them and run on to the next one. It’s not for everyone, though, and while we may gripe about our jobs, it’s really true that the worst day in home health is better than the best day in the hospital.”


There are incredibly attractive perks to working in home healthcare – particularly when choosing an experienced, family-value company like Care Team. These go far beyond any institutional setting.

Many who choose a home healthcare career value most the advantage of working short-term, contract, part-time, or fill-in work. Even better, Care Team offers the added opportunity of “working when you want to work” – in many situations, caregivers can often control their availability and work schedule.

Additionally, there’s an almost infinite variety of situations, which means an end to boring routine. Home healthcare involves skilled nursing visits, IV visits, non-skilled personal care visits, and long-term continuous care assignments where you are one-on-one with your own special patient, all day or even longer.

Another huge bonus at Care Team are pay-on-demand options for some job assignments. Turn in your notes and time slips to payroll and get paid for your work immediately. No waiting until the end of the week or some bi-weekly payroll cycle.

When you look at all the benefits of a home healthcare career, it’s tough to consider anything else.


Source: “allnurses.com “ https://allnurses.com/why-like-home-care-what-t369305/

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