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Home Health Aide / Certified Nurse Aide

Below is the

Position Overview


Graduate of an accredited high school preferred.  Vocational/technical school home health aide training recommended.      


If the home health aide received their training through a vocational school, the Individual must present a diploma issued by the vocational school. If the individual received their training through a home health agency on or after October 1, 1999, the individual must present documentation of successful completion of training as listed in Rule 59A-8.0095(5)c 1 thru 17.  When prior training is not equivalent to the minimum herein described, documentation of successful completion of a home health competency is needed to function as a home health aide.  


One year of experience as a home health aide or certified nurse aide is preferred.  


Verifiable employment, professional or personal references is required.


The home health aide is responsible to Care Team’s Director of Nursing and/or supervising Registered Nurse and Care Team’s management personnel.


The home health aide assists in providing nursing care by performing simple non-skilled nursing tasks and personal care services assigned by and under the supervision of a registered nurse. Activities may include:
  1. Assisting with personal hygiene
  2. Assisting patient from bed to chair and to walk
  3. Assisting patient with eating
  4. Assisting patient to dress
  5. Preparing meals
  6. Providing companionship by reading, talking and listening
  7. Assisting with prescribed range of motion
  8. Testing urine for glucose and acetone
  9. Measuring intake and output
  10. Maintaining a proper record of activities
  11. Reporting changes in the behavior or condition of the patient
  12. Other activities as described on the patient’s Home Health Aide Assignment Plan
Individual home health aides may have other duties assigned at the discretion of the supervising Registered Nurse.


Responsibilities of the home health aide shall include but not be limited to:
  1. The home health aide shall perform only those personal care activities contained in a written assignment by a health professional employee which include assisting the patient with personal hygiene, ambulation, eating, dressing, and shaving.  
  2. The home health aide may perform other activities as taught by a health professional employee for a specific patient.  These include and are limited to: assisting with the change of a colostomy bag, shampoo, reinforcement of a dressing, assisting with the use of devices for aid to daily living (walker, wheelchair), assisting with prescribed range of motion exercises which the home health aide and the patient have been taught by a health professional employee, assisting the prescribed ice cap, or collar, doing simple urine tests for sugar, acetone or albumin, measuring and preparing special diets, intake and output.
  3. The home health aide shall not change sterile dressings, irrigate body cavities such as an enema, irrigating a colostomy or wound, perform a gastric lavage or gavage, catheterize a patient, administer medications (please see #6), apply heat by any method, care for a tracheotomy tube, or any personal health service which has not been included by the professional nurse in the patient care plan.
  4. The home health aide shall keep records of personal health care activities.
  5. The home health aide shall observe appearance and gross behavioral changes in the patient and report to the professional nurse.
  6. The home health aide may assist with the self administration of medications after testing on topic and being signed off by Director of Nursing and verifying the patient has given written consent for assist with self-administration of medications.
  7. The home health aide shall understand the importance of confidentiality and shall not discuss any aspects of patient care or family situation except with a supervisor.’
  8. Only when directed by the Registered Nurse, home health aides may assist with Toileting, bedpan, urinal, catheter care and changing of urinary catheter bag, emptying ostomy bags and changing bags that do not adhere to the skin. 

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