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Home care agency in Hudson, FL

Services Offered in Hudson, FL

Being sick or recovering from a fall or surgery isn’t fun.  It takes time, patience and often, extra hands. And sometimes, it even takes skilled nursing care.

Whether a loved one is injured or sick, whether you or a loved-one needs post-surgery help at home, or whether someone in your family needs infusions to retain their quality of life, Care Team Home Care in Hudson, Florida is at your service.

Whether it’s for a week, a month or longer, Care Team Home Care is here to assist you every single day, seven days a week.  Our team is here to help you achieve the best quality of life possible.

At Care Team Home Care, we specialize in evaluating, informing, collaborating with, and advising our clients and patients so that you have all the information to make the important decisions concerning your loved ones’ care. 

Why Should Care Team Home Care Be Your Home Care Agency of Choice?

The Stoker Family has proudly owned and operated Care Team Home Care since 1988. That’s over 30 years that our Care Team staff has provided in-home skilled nursing visits and specialty infusion services for our patients. 

Our long history in the home healthcare industry assures our clients and patients of the most professional, quality healthcare, no matter the intricacies of care, the length of time, or circumstances. 

As we grow older, it gets more difficult to maintain our independence.  That’s where our skilled nurses and aides come in.  Our team is trained to evaluate, consult, and offer a personalized homecare visit program that will help you or your loved one age in place, while retaining as much independence as is possible under whatever circumstances.


Skilled Nursing Visits

Skilled nursing care is provided by trained registered nurses under the supervision and guidance of a medical doctor. Basically, it is the same level of nursing care you would get as a patient in the hospital or rehab facility. Skilled nurses can provide some physical therapy, wound care, intravenous injections, catheter care, and more. They are responsible for aiding your continuing recovery after an illness, injury, or surgery.

And our skilled nursing staff will offer you a complete patient assessment.  They’ll check your living space for potential risks of tripping or falling. They will review your medical history, make a list of medications, and answer any questions you may have. They will even give you options for home safety devices to add to your sense of security. 


We Care About Safety

When providing services, our skilled nurses and our aides follow a regimented discipline ensuring safety and hygiene, so you can feel confident that we are keeping your loved one safe.  We wash our hands, we wear masks, we clean and disinfect surfaces, medical equipment, and devices. 

All Care Team Home Care caregivers, nurses, and aides meticulously document the services they provide based on the patient’s Plan of Care. These documents are reviewed by a supervising Care Team Home Care Registered Nurse for adherence to the Plan of Care, as well as to ensure that any changes or notations are noted.

Besides a regular review of notes, we assign a Registered Nurse to visit the patient’s place of residence on at least a quarterly basis to monitor our services and our personnel, to ensure everything and everyone is up to our high standards and to evaluate and address any concerns or changes that might be requested or needed.

Home Care Experts in Hudson

Our vast team of caregiving and nursing professionals, and our experienced management team understand that this is a difficult time for both client and patient. That’s why we are on hand for consultation, evaluation, health history, home safety environment reviews, medical team alliance, and prescription reviews, so that our clients and patients can make informed, yet sometimes difficult or life-changing decisions.  Our job is to lessen the burden on both you and the patient.  Our job is to make life easier, to provide a sense of calm, and to offer safe alternatives to our patients.

Our phones are answered by a trained staff member, usually a Staffing Coordinator or a Manager, 24/7, including holidays, so that any questions or concerns can be immediately dealt with.

Our team members are not only fully professionally certified, but they also have an abundance of innate qualities that make them very good at their jobs:  empathy, patience, understanding, persistence.

To inquire about our services, call our office today at (813) 871-3839.

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