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Quality of life is a choice that often becomes compromised as we or a loved one ages or suffers a health ailment that no longer allows the active lifestyle that they are accustomed too. When this occurs, and it does every day in our community, difficult and sometimes life-changing decisions must be made by ourselves or our loved ones. It’s these decisions, when made correctly by informed individuals that work together as a team, that can determine a loved one’s continued quality of life in the short-term and hopefully long into the future. This is where Care Team can help.

Since 1988, Care Team has provided care to several hundred thousand individuals throughout the West-Central region of Florida. Our management and office staff have over 300 years of combined experience in the home health industry. We are one of only a handful of licensed home care providers that offers skilled services at the highest levels of care, including: eldercare, veterans care, pediatric nursing, wound care and specialty infusions. This array of complex home health care experiences allows for services to be provided by and decisions to be made utilizing a vast team of highly skilled Care Team nursing professionals and experienced management no matter the complexities.

As a State licensed Home Health Agency (HHA202190951 & HHA299994578), currently licensed in an eleven (11) county area, our focus is on quality of CARE utilizing a TEAM approach. This method consists of meeting with the patient and the patient’s caregivers (often family or close friends) to complete an assessment of the patient’s current health status and review of their health history, medications and treatments, review of the home environment, contacting the patient’s physician(s) when skilled services are involved and developing a plan of care or a home care plan (for non-skilled services). Follow-up discussions are then made with Care Team’s Service Coordinators and the assignment of qualified and available personnel begins.

Our services don’t end there… Once our personnel are scheduled, we inform the patient and/or the caregiver as to whom will be coming out and often provide a brief summary of the individual(s). When providing services, our nurses and aides follow a regimented discipline ensuring safety and hygiene. All Care Team personnel document the services they provide based on the patient’s plan of care. These documents are regularly reviewed by a Care Team Registered Nurse for adherence to the care plan as well as to ensure that any changes or notations are not unnoticed.

Besides a regular review of notes, we assign a Registered Nurse to visit the patient’s place of residence, on at minimum a quarterly basis, to monitor our services and our caregiver(s), to ensure our services stand up to our high standards and to inquire of any concerns or changes that might be requested.

Another benefit that sets Care Team apart… since day 1, our telephones are answered by a trained office staff member, usually a Staffing Coordinator or a Manager, 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays. When you have a question or a concern, we want to make sure we are always here for you!

To inquire on our services, call Care Team today at (813) 871-3839

We offer a multitude of services

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Private Duty Nursing

Care Team has Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses available to assist with all of your skilled nursing needs. We will always send a Registered Nurse out to admit all skilled patients either before or at start of care. Once the patient is admitted, we will provide all follow-up skilled services by either a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurses, depending on the level and complexity of care and the experience and availability of the nurse(s). Some of our skilled patients additionally receive non-skilled home care services performed by a Home Health Aide.

Our skilled services often include:
Patient Assessments, Medication Regimines, Infusions, Wound Care, Pediatric Care, ROM and Private Duty Nursing.

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Senior Home Care

This is one of the most commonly provided home care services. As an individual ages, their ability to functional and perform those activities of daily living that they have grown accustomed to doing themselves often become more compromised. While this condition often occurs suddenly due to a health concern, it also may happen gradually. Senior home care is usually needed when the conditions over burden the individual or their spouse (aka “caregiver”) to the point where safety is being compromised. If services are delayed or not provided at the levels and duration needed, the added responsibilities on the caregiver often leads to the degradation of their own wellbeing. Utilization of Home Health Aides helps to prolong one’s quality of life while mitigating most of the negative concerns.

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Specialty Infusions

Care Team is a preferred regional provider of specialty infusion nursing in the home environment. As provider of Skilled Nursing Services for nearly three decades, we have become the “go-to” Home Health Agency for a large portion of in-home specialty infusions throughout west and north-central Florida. We have a long-lasting relationship with multiple Regional, National and International pharmaceutical companies. We’d like for you to consider Care Team as your specialty Infusion Nursing service beginning with a call from you to your physician, your pharmacy or by calling us direct. No matter who you call first, make sure to mention you would like for Care Team to be the provider of your specialty infusion nursing service.

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Veterans Home Care

We are a proud provider of Veterans Home Care services throughout West and North-Central Florida. Our relationship with multiple Veterans Administrations allows us to provide a wide range of skilled nursing and non-skilled home health care services. Please contact your local Veterans Administration office or Care Team directly and be sure to inform them that you would like for Care Team to be your preferred provider of Veterans Home Care Services.

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Pediatric Home Care

Care Team is a preferred provider of pediatric home care and pediatric private duty nursing services. Our services include: infusions and private duty nursing in the home or at another location necessary to enable the pediatric patient to live their life as normal as possible, including in a classroom setting. We will coordinate directly with the patient’s physician(s) and family to develop a plan of care for our nurses to follow in an effort to provide the best home health care possible.