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Licensed Practical Nurse

Below is the

Position Overview


Currently licensed in the state of Florida.  


The Licensed Practical Nurse is responsible and accountable for making decisions that are based on the individual’s educational preparation and nursing experience. The Licensed Practical Nurse performs selected acts in the care of the ill, injured or infirm, and in the maintenance of health and in prevention of illness. Activities may include:
  1. Application of the nursing process in:
    1. Assessment of patients
    2. Planning of patient care
    3. Implementing the patient care plan
    4. Evaluating patient care
  2. Giving and receiving report
  3. Providing for emotional and spiritual needs
  4. Providing for safety of patients
  5. Performing nursing procedures for which the registered nurse is prepared, including but not limited to:
    1. Giving baths
    2. Providing oral hygiene
    3. Assisting with grooming needs, including shampoo
    4. Taking tpr and b/p
    5. Assisting patients with meals
    6. Assisting with active and passive exercise
    7. Assisting with ambulating and transfer activities
    8. Assisting with rehabilitation of patients
    9. Administering oxygen by catheter or mask
    10. Changing dressings
    11. Inserting and irrigating urinary catheters
    12. Providing postmortem care
  6. Notifying appropriate person about unusual symptoms and/or changes in condition of patients
  7. Recording all pertinent observations and treatments
  8. Making beds
  9. Admitting and discharging patients
  10. Assisting with preoperative and postoperative care
  11. Assisting with physical examination
  12. Collecting specimens
  13. Changing urinary drainage tubing and bags
  14. Caring for patients in isolation
  15. Safeguarding equipment and supplies
The Licensed Practical Nurse with the education and proven clinical competence may perform certain treatments/procedures provided the agency’s policies and the state’s regulatory acts allow their performance. Only Licensed Practical Nurses with documented skill in performing these functions may:
  1. Administer medications
  2. Suction and care for a tracheostomy
  3. Suction endotracheally (if an endotracheal tube is in place)
  4. Add/hang additional containers of intravenous fluids (provided no medication has been added)
  5. Discontinue intravenous fluids (only if a butterfly or needle is in place)
  6. Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation


  1. Start intravenous fluids or blood
  2. Perform infusion therapy unless directed by the Director of Nursing
  3. Draw blood unless directed by the Director of Nursing
  4. Take phone orders unless directed by the Director of Nursing


Certain units require special training, skills and proven competency in addition to the usual skills of the Licensed Practical Nurse. Only Licensed Practical Nurses with documentation of skills are assigned accordingly.


The Care Team Licensed Practical Nurse accepts responsibility for his/her own actions and:
  1. Assist Care Team in determining skills and specialties
  2. Provides necessary information to verify experience
  3. Presents license identification card for examination
  4. Presents Care Team with evidence of health status as required
  5. Informs Care Team of availability
  6. Attends orientation
  7. Accepts only assignments for which qualified
  8. Attends staff development programs
  9. Practices safely and competently within the job description
  10. Complies with an institution’s policies and procedures
  11. Communicates with Care Team about problems and other concerns
  12. Complies with Nurse Practice Act


The Licensed Practical Nurse may be assigned to a a private patient in the home or facility.


The Licensed Practical Nurse is under the direct supervision of the Care Team Director of Nursing Service and/or Home Care Supervisor when assigned to an in-home client.

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