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Registered Nurse

Below is the

Position Overview


Currently licensed in the state of Florida.  


The Registered Nurse performs acts which require substantial specialized knowledge, judgment, and nursing skill based upon principles of psychological, biological, physical, and social sciences. The professional nurse is responsible and accountable for making decisions that are based on the individual’s educational preparation and experience in nursing. Activities may include:
  1. Application of the nursing process in:
    1. Assessment of patients
    2. Planning of patient care
    3. Implementing the patient care plan
    4. Evaluating patient care
  2. Providing for emotional and spiritual needs of patients
  3. Counseling and providing health teaching to clients
  4. Providing for safety of patients
  5. Performing nursing procedures for which the registered nurse is prepared, including but not limited to:
    1. Hanging additional iv bottles and “Piggy backs”
    2. Discontinuing iv fluids and blood
    3. Administering meds
    4. Changing dressing
    5. Inserting and irrigating urinary catheters
    6. Carrying out treatments
    7. Administering oxygen
    8. Assisting in rehabilitation of patients
    9. Participating in patients exercise program
    10. Providing for nutritional needs
    11. Meeting hygiene and grooming needs
    12. Providing comfort measures
  6. Admitting and discharging patients
  7. Giving and receiving orders
  8. Receiving and transcribing doctor’s orders
  9. Assisting in physical exams
  10. Notifying appropriate persons promptly of unusual reactions and changes in condition
  11. Recording pertinent information
  12. Obtaining specimens
  13. Safeguarding equipment and supplies
  14. Providing postmortem care
The Registered Nurse with the education and proven clinical competence may perform certain treatments/procedures provided the agency’s policies and the state’s regulatory acts allow their performance. Only Registered Nurses with documented skill in performing these functions may:
  1. Start intravenous fluids and blood transfusion
  2. Insert and irrigate Levine tubes
  3. Suction endotracheally (with or without benefit of and endotracheal tube)
  4. Draw blood for laboratory testing
  5. Assist with hyperalimentation
  6. Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


Certain job assignments require special training, skills and proven competency in addition to the usual skills of the Registered Nurse. Only Registered Nurses with documentation of skills are assigned to these job assignments:
  1. Intensive Care Unit
  2. Coronary Care Unit
  3. Progressive Care Unit
  4. Emergency Room
  5. Operating Room
  6. Recovery Room


The Care Team Registered Nurse accepts responsibility for his/her own actions and:
  1. Assists Care Team in determining skills and specialties
  2. Provides necessary information to verify experience
  3. Presents license identification card for examination
  4. Presents Care Team with evidence of health status as required
  5. Informs Care Team of availability
  6. Attends orientation
  7. Accepts only assignments of r which qualified
  8. Attends staff development programs
  9. Practices safely and competently within the job description
  10. Complies with an institution’s policies and procedures
  11. Communicates with Care Team about problems and other concerns
  12. Complies with state regulatory acts


The Registered Nurse may be assigned to a private patient in the home or a facility.


The Registered Nurse is responsible to the Agency Director of Nursing Services and/or Home Care Supervisor when assigned to an in-home patient.


Performance evaluations are done annually by the Care Team’s Director of Nursing with input from others in a supervisory and administrative capacity.

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