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Home Care vs. Hospital Care

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It’s natural to be hesitant about moving into the healthcare industry right now.

With the Coronavirus still plaguing the world, we continually hear stories from hospitals about doctors and nurses coming into harm’s way.

While they are doing incredible and heroic work, they are also putting themselves at risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

The hospital they work in, especially in a city as large as Tampa, can house dozens of patients sick with diseases like the Coronavirus.

Every patient they see, they risk contracting from or spreading to. But it is a much-needed service.

Health care services are more needed now than ever. But there is a difference between the type of service they provide and the type of service that Care Team provides.

At Care Team, our employees have the benefit of visiting their patients in a private and isolated setting. Our patient visits are done in the comfort of the patient’s own home.

Care Team is still able to provide their award-winning services to those in need without putting their nurses and aides into further risk. As well, it provides a safety buffer between the most vulnerable, each and every one of our patients.

Our nurses and aides follow very strict safety precautions before and after each visit to ensure that the risk to one another is as low as humanly possible.

You can read about our safety guidelines here.

Healthcare workers are and have always been superheroes, people who will go to any lengths to help their neighbors. With Care Team, our network is the best way to continue this work in a safe environment.

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