Locally recognized by Tampa Bay Times as a Top Workplace from 2022 - 2024
Nationally recognized by Homecare Pulse as Best Providers and Employers Choice from 2021 - 2024



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In 2018 we participated in a survey of our caregivers and nurses to see how we were perceived as an employer.  The survey was given to more than 100 of our Tampa team and the survey results reflected a healthy employment relationship.  We did this as a prelude to participating in the Annual Tampa Bay Times’ Top Workplaces contest.  What we wanted to accomplish was a determination if we had areas to work on before learning the hard way.  

A long time ago I participated in a Sales Training Program and the teacher set the program up on the premises that one third of the people you meet will like you because they see in you a reflection of themselves or their values.  One third will dislike you as they see you as the enemy or having values and interest contrary to their beliefs and values.  The remaining one third will be neutral, but difficult to win over as they don’t have that connection, or they don’t have an interest in putting forth the effort to make a connection.  So, my fear was that a satisfaction survey may have hidden dangers and unwanted results.  

With the results of the 2018 survey in hand, several months later we participated in our first Top Workplaces contest and scored in the top 50 (placing #14) in the Small Business category (50 to 149 employees).  

We continued to participate in the following years.  In 2021 we scored in the top 4 and for 2023, Care Team scored #2 in the Small Business Category.

In the meantime, we started participating in Home Care Pulse’s Annual surveys of caregivers and patients.  We placed in the Top 10 % in these National Surveys scoring above 94% of the industry for the past three years in a row. 

Why are we interested in these recognitions?

Can we charge our clients and patients more?  Can we pay our employees less to work in a Top Workplace?

NO!  Let me repeat that…, NO!

We hope that these recognitions will encourage caregivers and nurses that don’t believe that they are appreciated, valued, or respected, to come and join us.  We hope that these recognitions draw quality, compassionate and driven healthcare professionals to join our team.

Please don’t wait another day.  Give us a call and let’s talk about the job opportunities we have available for you.

Mark Stoker, Co-Founder, CEO and President

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